Black Sea Salmon

Application of Proteomics

Fish Physiology

Gene Expression


I study aquaculture and fish physiology. I am interested in physiology and proteomics-based studies of salmonids (family Salmonidae), especially Black Sea salmon (Salmo labrax). My daily routine consists of regular care of the fish and providing the necessary conditions for health, growth and welfare. I play a supporting role in the sturgeon breeding and culture program.

SOFAS 2022 Presentation by M. Doğan Özdemir

My Scientific Interests are

Physiological Effects of Climate Change and Ocean Acidification, Development of National Breeding Program for Turkish Salmon and Sturgeon

A picture from a trout farm in Çamlıhemşin

Education & Training

Subjects that seemed difficult to teach and learn are now accessible and understood by everyone, thanks to the availability of different platforms, including online learning.

Field Research

The purpose of fieldwork is to observe and interpret the studied subject in its natural environment. The approaches and methods used in research differ between disciplines.

Stunning fish using benzocaine

Experimental Biology

Scientific procedures in which the studied factor is isolated to test the hypothesis is called an experiment. Data is obtained by various methods. Causal analyzes are performed.

Academic Background

Bachelor: Ege Üniversitesi | Fisheries Engineering
Erasmus: University of Salento | Fisheries
Master: Plymouth University | Sustainable Aquaculture Systems
PhD: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Üniversity | Fisheries
Work: Trabzon Central Fisheries Research Institute

Years of Experience
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M. Doğan Özdemir | Sample Collection

Why Work With Me

Value unity for similar purposes, clarity in roles and expectations, common effort, flexibility in adapting to different situations, mutual respect for our goals, evaluation of contribution by believing in the value of diversity, transparent win-win philosophy where everyone gets a fair share

Professional Work Ethics

Taking initiative to produce high-quality results, maintaining effective work habits (prioritizing, planning and managing work; punctuality).

International Experience

20+ years of experience at home and abroad with people from other countries and cultures.


Training Videos

Sturgeon Aquaculture

the GFCM, in collaboration with experts from the Central Fisheries Research Institute (SUMAE) organized a five-day online training course on sturgeon aquaculture from 15 to 19 November 2021.

Finfish Pathology

the GFCM organized a training on finfish pathology from 5 to 13 April 2021, in collaboration with experts from the ADC at the Central Fisheries Research Institute (SUMAE) in Trabzon, Turkiye.

Shellfish, Turbot and RAS

ADC Online held a first week of courses on shellfish environment and pathologies, organized with the National Institute of Constanta, a second week on turbot aquaculture and restocking, and a third week of courses on recirculating aquaculture systems, organized with the SUMAE Institute.

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